Away One Year – Gregory Corso

I think of New York City lost in stars

Forgotten as a bluehaired pet of childhood love-

Tonight the night is full;

The stealthy Mayor in his fine discipline

Moves in proportion like a large jewel with furry feet;

Taps his long straight nose through the years of his term,

A ghost with worry-thoughts of city-

Beneath the Washington Square arch he feigns to forget

The new denunciations of the day.

This has never been the Mayor of my city,

Occasionally stopping in a barren area

With magnificent foundations in his eyes.

I have not promised blessing upom leaving Gotham gate;

In lovelier cities I join my dreams in whose care I depend

Though not once owning love to any city but the city of my heart.

New York City. It is fierce now; chariot-locked in the sky

Like a stag scraping its back against mountains.

Fierce as a doleful vision, giving piteous grammercy.

In a dying cat,s Egyptian eyes

The lovely mouse is a man of dreams, so my city:

Dreamy solace of rivers and bridges brightly onionskinned in the night.

Down many urchin avenues

I see the days of my city bearding its face

Its measure of skeleton clanking like a stove

The shell of Death come to navigate a city to the tomb.


William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Ansen, and Gregory Corso,

William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Ansen i Gregory Corso